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The Webster Technique may be familiar to you, especially if you’ve been under Chiropractic Care during a previous pregnancy.    It is a Chiropractic Technique used primarily during pregnancy to optimize normal functioning of the pelvis and sacrum (tailbone).  

The actual technique is quite different from traditional Chiropractic care but the underlying principle remains unchanged.   Chiropractic has always been to correct and optimize function of the spine and nervous system.  Chiropractic adjustments are intended to restore normal function allowing  your body’s inherent ability to heal itself to do so without inhibition.   When we apply this principle to the Webster Technique, it simply works to aid a pregnant mother’s own body to function optimally as she adapts to her body’s natural changes through her pregnancy.


How does it work?

To describe how it works, I think Dr. Jeanne Ohm, long time instructor of the Webster Technique with International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) provides a clear and concise description:

“Performance of the Webster Technique involves analysis of the relationship of the bones of the pelvis, and correction of aberrant neuro-biomechanics through the use of a light force chiropractic adjustment of the sacrum (Step 1). It also involves analysis and light contact to a supporting pelvic ligament. (Step 2). Both steps are intended to restore neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis. “


 Is it safe to receive Chiropractic Care during pregnancy?

The Webster Technique has been safely used in pregnant mothers since 1978.  There have been no reported injuries associated with the use of the Webster Technique.  With any Chiropractic Treatments, minor discomfort may be experienced for 24 hours after treatment and typically resolves on its own.    Many midwives and doulas recommend pregnant mothers to receive care from Chiropractors certified in the Webster Technique.


Does it really ‘turn babies’ from Breech Position?

Dr. Larry Webster, the founder of the Webster Technique, described that the Technique is intended to improve nerve and structural function in the pelvis.  Along the way, Dr. Webster found that pregnant mothers under his care with breech presentation turned head down in majority (95%) of cases.  A recent study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reported that the Webster Technique had a success rate of 82% in promoting natural turning of breeched babies.

While I must emphasize Chiropractors DO NOT turn babies, even while applying the Webster Technique.  Chiropractors only apply treatment to the mother’s pelvis  and tailbone to normalize their function.  By optimizing the structural health of the mother, the Webster Technique allows the natural process of pregnancy and birth to occur.  In cases of breeched babies, often the fetus turns naturally in preparation for birth because that’s what nature intended.


Does the Webster Technique relieve Back Pain?

While the Webster Technique has received the most attention in pregnant mothers who are carrying breeched babies, this form of treatment is just as successful in relieving back or pelvic pain common in  pregnancy.   Simple daily stresses for a pregnant mother can be triggers causing shifting of the pelvic structures.  The hormone Relaxin, relaxes the ligament structures around the pelvis to allow for growth of the fetus but it also makes the pelvis vulnerable to malpositions causing pain.


Dr. Kevin Ho is certified in the Webster Technique and has successfully treated numerous pregnant patients assisting them through a full and healthy pregnancy.  Should you have any questions about the Webster Technique, please contact Dr. Kevin Ho through email at or by phone at 647-931-8108.

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