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Serola Belt

back belt supportThe serola belt is a device designed to increase stability through the pelvis and low back.  This belt is unlike the typical ‘back belts’ used by workers for lifting and bending.  This product is not available in stores.  This belt helps to secure and stabilize the movement between the pelvis and tail bone, known as the sacroiliac joint.  You should consider this belt if you have the following symptoms:

v  Low back pain located over the buttock, tail bone or if you experience sciatica

Pregnancy-related low back pain, even if you have pain within 1 year after your delivery

v  Low back pain resulting from a fall on your buttock or hip

v  Low back pain after a car accident

v  Your back pain is increased following exercise such as running

The Serola belt is one of the most prescribed back support devices recommended by Dr. Ho in helping patients return to pre-injury activities.


Embrace AirPlus Back Support

lumbar back supportDo you sit in a chair for prolonged periods daily?  Are you required to drive a vehicle everyday while at work?  Do you experience pain or stiffness after prolonged sitting?  If you said yes to any of these questions then you should seriously consider investing in a lumbar back support.  The Embrace AirPlus Back Support features a 10 inch vertically adjustable air system that gives you the best tested, proven, and guaranteed back support available today.   This back support has been independently tested and proven to introduce 0-25 degrees of lordosis (the natural curve) in the lumbar spine.  Dr. Ho highly recommends this product because it is able to precisely match each individual’s unique curve in their spine.

This product is manufactured in Canada and is covered by most extended health insurance plans, motor vehicle accident insurance, worker’s compensation, and employee benefits worldwide.




back bracesPromotes StaticActivity –another words, movement while you sit! Health care professionals worldwide say that continual motion helps alleviate back pain, and promotes a healthy spine. The Backtivator, with its innovative design, creates continuous movement while you sit!  This product folds in half and it’s perfect for the office, when you travel and in your car.  It feels like sitting on an exercise ball, you simply place the Backtivator under your bum as you sit.





Reap the benefits of pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 fish oil, reduce painful joint inflammation, improve cardiovascular health and much more.  Undergone rigorous 3rd party testing to ensure highest quality.

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Medical Devices & Braces

Are you looking for pain relief on the job?  Having difficulty with prolonged sitting?  Check out our selection of back supports and belts.

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Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

Suffering from foot or heel pain?   Discover how custom orthotics may be the answer for your painful foot.  Orthotics can also relieve some cases of knee, hip and low back paind.

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