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chiropractic adjustments


Dr. Kevin Ho is focused on providing his clients gentle and effective chiropractic treatments.  Many patients are pleased to learn that chiropractic adjustments can be performed using various techniques and can be modified to suit different individuals.   Dr. Ho takes the time to learn about your personal preferences before recommending the appropriate treatment for you.  In fact, patients have come to enjoy the comforts of having a choice over the treatments they receive.

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Your Treatment Options

1 – The Activator Technique

If you ever had any concerns about receiving a neck adjustment, the Activator technique is the perfect solution.  This is a technique that delivers chiropractic adjustments through a small instrument that is pain free and comfortable for all ages. Treatments using the Activator are equally effective as chiropractic adjustments done by hand and it does not produce any ‘cracking’ or ‘popping’ sound.  The Activator technique is a popular choice for those who seek an alternative treatment method, especially to relieve neck pain and headaches.    This technique is a hidden gem of Chiropractic that is supported by 40 years of research.  The Activator is not only used in North America, but also around the world in countries like England, France, Japan and Brazil.

2 – Traditional Methods

chiropractic therapyDr.  Ho still offers traditional chiropractic adjustments, the original treating methods for most chiropractors in Canada.   This method of treatment is still the ideal choice for most upper, mid and low back pain associated with prolonged computer use, lifting injuries, mild scoliosis and many sports injuries.  Most traditional chiropractic adjustments produce a popping or clicking sound, which is a result of air being released from the targeted joint.  Statistics indicate that chiropractic adjustments provide long safe and lasting relief for up to 12 months for most cases of back pain.

3 – Supportive Methods

Along with chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Ho may integrate other treatment strategies such as the following:

  • muscle relaxation techniques
  • home exercises
  • supportive braces / devices
  • anti-inflammatory supplements
  • Acupuncture

What conditions can be treated

Chiropractors are best known for treating conditions associated with the spine such as low back pain, neck pain and headaches.  Dr. Ho treats a variety of injuries and conditions causing back pain including faulty posture, scoliosis, workspace injuries and sports injuries.

Buttock, Hip or Tailbone Injuries?

One of the most confusing and misdiagnosed causes of low back pain is injuries to the sacroiliac (SI) joint.  Patients may describe of hip pain located over the buttock and/or side of the hip.  Sometimes it is confused as muscle pain in the gluteal muscles.  It is difficult to diagnosis because it can also produce symptoms of sciatica, mimicking a herniated disc but this only occurs in 6% of the time.   If you have persistent low back pain with hip and buttock pain, you maybe misdiagnosed.   Dr. Ho has seen numerous patients who were incorrectly diagnosed and thus received inappropriate treatment for injuries of the sacroiliac joint.  Dr. Ho has had much success in the diagnosis and treatment of sacroiliac joints.

Arms, Legs & Feet too!

Chiropractors, have a general reputation of being skilled at correcting spine related injuries and conditions.  However, many clients are not aware that chiropractors can help with problems in your shoulder, elbow, knees and feet.  In fact, chiropractors are expertly trained to deal with all joints in the body, even the ribcage, collar bone and the jaw.  Dr. Ho has had success helping runners with common injuries such as Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and shin splints.

Chiropractic Treats More Than Just Pain

Chiropractic foundations suggest that the body’s nervous system (brain & spinal cord) control the function of the entire body.  Problems with the nervous system resulting from spinal misalignment typically produces pain but sometimes can create other symptoms like indigestion, dizziness, bloating.   Some of Dr. Ho’s clients have found that Chiropractic can be helpful in reducing these symptoms.

When will I feel better?

  • In most cases, Dr. Ho can help relieve or completely resolve your pain in 5-10 visits
  • Simple injuries may even resolve in as little as 3 visits
  • Chronic injuries / conditions tend to require regular treatments
  • 91% of Dr. Ho’s clients report of significant improvement or full resolution of pain after completing the recommended treatment plan

Will I always need chiropractic?

After recovery you can be discharged if you wish, however Dr. Ho hopes to continue as your partner towards a healthier future.  Dr. Ho understands that life is full of busy schedules but your body is like most things in life, it breaks down.  Typically, Dr. Ho suggests a check-up appointment every 1-3 months but varies depending on different factors.   If you suffer from an ongoing injury / condition, check-ups are usually more frequent.  Together with regular exercise, a balanced diet, having regular check-up is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Did you know patients who receive regular check-ups

  • Have less injury relapses
  • Are less likely to have regular aches and pains
  • Save time and costs associated with having to attend extra appointments
  • Are less likely to be absent from work, school and other important commitments



Chiropractic treatments designed with your comfort in mind. Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned chiropractic patient, Dr. Ho walks you through the treatment options available to you. Make a choice tailored for you and feel at ease with every visit.




Results proven, biomedical acupuncture. This form of acupuncture has had a remarkable track record for rapid pain relief. Pain reduction is often reported after just 1 or 2 visits. Do you suffer from stubborn neck pain or headaches? Start to experience relief today!




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